Sunday, September 6, 2009


Finland offers such variety throughout its vast landscape that it’s best to learn a bit about the cities and regions before you go. That way you can plan to experience a taste of all the many facets of Finland!

From the Baltic Sea to the Arctic Circle
The seventh-largest Western European country, Finland is nestled between Sweden, Norway and Russia, with the Baltic countries to the south, separated by the Gulf of Finland. Its borders stretch from its capital city of Helsinki on the southern coast, up to the expansive and sparsely inhabited landscape of Lapland above the Arctic Circle. Finland is home to untouched forests, 187,888 crystal-clear lakes, 179,584 islands and 5,100 rapids.

Surrounding Helsinki is the culturally and historically rich King’s Road. This scenic southern region stretches west of Helsinki to the 770-year-old former capital of Turku and east to the spectacular Lake District. Finland’s southern coastline is also cradled by a thousand islands, forming a breathtaking archipelago--the largest in Europe.

Land of the Midnight Sun
Warmed by the Gulf Stream, this Scandinavian country enjoys a climate similar to that of New England and the Great Lakes region of the United States—with four very distinct seasons. In the summertime, the lush countryside basks in the warm, nurturing rays of the sun that shines for 15 hours a day! In the northern regions, the sun remains high in the sky for two months, shining 24 hours a day. Between the months of October and April, Finland becomes a vibrant and glowing festival of lights. Fondly referred to as the “Lively Season,” visitors have a wealth of cultural and historical attractions from which to choose.

No matter where you visit in Finland, from the spectacular archipelago in the south to exotic Lapland in the north, you will find a vibrant, friendly country of sophistication, fascinating history and unspoiled natural beauty—where English is widely spoken.

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